Energy Saving, Solar Reflecting and self Cleaning 

Glass Block Co. Offer an energy saving glass blocks which has a U value as low as 1.1 W/m2k.

Seves Glassblock’s patented ‘Energy Saving’ technology introduces low-emissivity glass plates and pressure controlled argon gas: plates are inserted between the glass faces to interrupt the thermal bridge, and argon gas is injected to reduce a block’s thermal transmittance to U=1.1 W/m2 K, saving energy and protecting the environment.




Glass Block Co. also offers an installation service on these blocks so as to insure a perfect job every time.

Click here for part of the Seves Energy Saving Range 

As of 2018 there are many additional 80mm thick blocks available in energy saving, solar reflective ( may not needed in Ireland ) and Self Cleaning which would be needed in some applications for an additional cost.


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Call today for a price as these will work great in any modern extension or new build where insulation and a passive standard are in mind. Dermot in sales 086 3857539