Glass Block Pavement Panels

Glass Block Co. and Alan Howard are Ireland's only Cell window and Pavement light Manufactures, we bought the Technology from Cromer Bros 11 years ago and ever since then we have been working with the OPW and Local Councils and Contractors around the country supplying our pavement panels and Streets lights on main Streets where old ones have become damaged. We provide for the domestic market also.


They can be seen all over Dublin city streets where they are being used to get light down into the basement area, our latest panels have be installed outside Boots Grafton Street,45 Pearse st, outside the GPO, outside the the new Holiday in o Connell st, the Corner of Grafton Street and South Anne's Street and outside the Savoy Cinema. 

Glass Block Co. prides itself in providing the best standards of works as set out in the specifications which are approved by the OPW.

Contact Alan Howard of Glass Block Co for any more details. PH 087 26 29309

Glass Block Co. uses SEVES Glass Blocks for all its Horizontal and vertical panels.